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The Digital Afterlife: Meet GoodTrust – The future global market leader and most trusted brand in the digital legacy space

Founder Interview with Rikard Steiber.

GoodTrust is the first of its kind digital-legacy management platform dedicated to protecting the memory of everyone and securing their digital assets after death.

Your new book, Digital Legacy, provides readers with a clear understanding of why GoodTrust fills an important gap in the digital legacy solution space. Could you share some interesting highlights from the text?

“Death. They say you die twice— first, when you stop breathing, and then a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”

“Just as we arrange life insurance or trusts and wills, we need to plan for the post digital life experience not only for ourselves but for the loved ones we leave behind—or else we run the risk of losing our digital legacy that includes our memories, our stories, and even our identities.”

“His death made me realize that we spend our lives creating memories, friendships, wealth, and assets that we want to pass on to our family.”

“Our real lives and our digital lives have merged into one experience. It’s time we accept this new world order.”

As your business continues to grow and develop as global leaders in this industry, what is the most exciting project you are currently working on and how does your team plan on achieving it?

We want everyone on the planet to have a digital legacy plan, so that when you pass away your digital assets and memories will be preserved according to your wishes. By offering an easy to use, secure and free service where it is easy to add your digital assets and share them with your loved ones, we will enable this ambitious goal. 

How have your professional goals changed since founding GoodTrust? Can you think of an important lesson you have learned throughout the process?

I always worked to find ways to use technology for good and solve “impossible” problems like using Virtual Reality to solve UN sustainability goals or to new ways to travel to space with Virgin Galactic. This time it will not be a part-time project, but 110% “all in” to build a new global “death tech” business. The most important lesson that our time is precious, everything is possible and the time to make a difference is now!  

As digital-legacy management becomes more widely integrated, how do you believe GoodTrust will stay at the forefront of this innovation?

Our aim is to become the global market leader and most trusted brand in digital legacy. We will achieve this with a great product experience that is easy to use, secure and has innovative ways to interact with the world leading Internet services.  

What is it about your role at GoodTrust that inspires you daily to continue innovating? What does ultimate success look like for your company?

We are approaching 8 billion people on the planet who all spend increasingly more time online creating digital assets. No one really knows what will happen to their digital “stuff” when they die today. So, the opportunity is massive. Success is to make sure that all of us in this world can secure our online afterlife.  

GoodTrust’s website articles include a wide array of relevant information, how do you decide what is important for your target audience to know? How do these publishings serve as a reflection of GoodTrust’s values and mission?

There is a massive need to raise awareness about digital legacy and how to secure it. Content is a way to raise awareness, build our brand and drive organic online traffic to our service. 

Death is not something most people prefer to think about; how do you find you are best able to build your customer base? Also, have you found the current pandemic has positively or negatively affected your ability to do so?

We try to reach customers at the “moment of relevancy” for this service. Example when you sign up for life insurance, when you write your will or when a loved one passes away. At these moments you are open to think about your digital legacy. The pandemic certainly makes us think more about our own mortality.

GoodTrust is now offering all Veterans free Premium GoodTrust Plan services for the next 10 years. Besides implementing special promotions such as this, how do you maintain relationships and build rapport with your customers to serve their unique needs?

Our focus is on making it easy for you to protect your digital legacy and share it with loved ones already now or when you pass away. Providing customers and their families with relevant tools and information is key for us.

Founder Bio:

Rikard Steiber, CEO of Good Trust, is an Internet entrepreneur with an extensive
experience of successfully launching and growing digital businesses at global companies including Google, Modern Times Group, HTC Vive and Einride. Rikard has unique expertise in building digital subscription services, global marketing and digital strategy.
Future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic, founder of “WIT Global” Women In Tech Network and VR for Impact. General Manager USA at Einride (2020) President Viveport & SVP VR at HTC (2016-20)
Founder/CEO MTGx & CDO at MTG (2013-16) Global Marketing Director at Google (2007-13)
Founder & CEO at XLENT Strategy / Digiscope (1999-07) Co-founder Scandinavia Online (“AOL of Nordics”).

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